Becoming A Global Leader In Economic and Social Research on Dementia

The Centre for Economic and Social Research on Dementia (CESRD), located at the Univerity of Galway provides transformative research and policy frameworks that will support personhood within dementia care through an integrated, holistic and person-centred approach to resource allocation for people with dementia. Through research, we want to bring about transformative change in the way in which we understand, prevent, intervene and care for people with dementia. We will:
  • Bring together all social researchers on dementia in Ireland to examine social, economic, civic, cultural and legal aspects of dementia
  • Develop and facilitate new thinking on dementia in Ireland that focuses on personhood within dementia
  • Develop research capacity and facilitate collaboration and networking opportunities
  • Provide the research framework for the implementation of the National Dementia Strategy in Ireland

Committed Partnerships

CESRD has been established with the generous support of funding from the Health Research Board (HRB) through their Research Leader Award. This continues the legacy of investment in dementia innovation in Ireland by The Atlantic Philanthropies.