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We need a Fair Deal for elderly at home – but it won’t be cheap

Professor Eamon O'Shea writes about the Fair Deal Scheme for the Irish Independent, for the full article click here

Dementia Hub Ireland

CESRD is currently developing Dementia Hub Ireland a web-based repository of evidence and change that documents the innovation in dementia research, practice, policy and care that has taken place in Ireland over the past decade...

Spotlight on – Professor Eamon O’Shea

The CESRD will be led by Professor Eamon O'Shea. He has a lifetime of experience in research on people with dementia in a variety of fields, including economics, social policy, social gerontology and policy analysis. His publications on the economics of dementia include economic costs; the relationship between cost and outcomes; priority setting in dementia; psychosocial interventions in dementia; and the valuation of informal care. Prof O’Shea’s has directly influenced public policy for dementia in Ireland as evidenced by his role in the Action Plan for Dementia in 1999 and in providing the foundation research for the National Dementia Strategy ...

Launch of ‘Paying Dividends’

CESRD has just completed a major Report on The Atlantic Philanthropies Investment in Dementia in Ireland and its impact on the lives of people with dementia and their families.