Executive Education Workshops

Dementia Workshop – 23rd May 2017

Steven Sabat, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Georgetown University will lead a dementia workshop in the Institute for Lifecourse & Society at NUI Galway on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 12.00 noon.

The workshop will consider the importance of understanding the uniqueness of the person with dementia for optimal care provision and enhanced quality of life in dementia.

The biomedical understanding of dementia tends to focus on deficits and biomedical forms of treatment and/or/it is hoped/finding a “cure”. This approach often omits the person’s remaining strengths in the personal and social domains.  It is important to:

  • understand the uniqueness of the person with dementia and their reaction to, and the meaning of, the particular cognitive losses they have experienced
  • explore the particular cognitive and social strengths that the person with dementia still possess and how those strengths can be expressed and used to enhance their quality of life
  • know what specifically would provide different people with dementia with feelings of joy, fulfilment and purpose
  • examine what kind of treatment would enhance or negatively affect their quality of life
  • identify the type of treatment that would enhance carers’ confidence and feelings of competence.

The following questions will be discussed at the workshop:

  1. Can we create a picture/model of care and supports that address the uniqueness, strengths and preferences of the person with dementia?
  2. How can carers be involved in this effort and what would be the effect on their quality of life and that of the person with dementia?
  3. How can we assess the new model in relation to impact and outcomes?


Places are limited so booking is essential.

To register for this workshop please email: cesrd@nuigalway.ie