The CESRD will develop and facilitate new thinking on dementia in Ireland that focuses on personhood within dementia and a resource allocation process that maximises the capabilities and well-being of people with the disease and their family carers in an efficient and effective way. The Centre will provide the research framework to support the implementation of the National Dementia Strategy in Ireland.  Researchers at the Centre will offer support in terms of social audit, economic evaluation and both quantitative and qualitative analysis of dementia care in Ireland. The CESRD will focus mainly on exploring non-pharmacological approaches to the care of people with dementia.

CESRD will help ensure that the development and implementation of dementia policy in Ireland is hardwired to progressive and person-centred economic and social research. We want Ireland to be recognised internationally as a leader in social research on dementia, particularly in relation to the exploration of economic and social aspects of person-centered care and personhood.